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Pure branch company held long triangle scientific instruments industry league chromatographic, spectral technology forum

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    Shanghai precision &scientific instrument limited company last month by long triangle scientific instruments industry technology innovation strategy alliance entrust, held the chromatographic, spectral technology forum. From Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, jiangxi, hubei, lanzhou sub-niche of related scientific instruments enterprises, universities represent and experts attended the forum. Symposium focusing on how to cooperate with ministry of science and technology "1025" scientific instruments development plan of compilation and implementation, comprehensively promote "alliance" chromatography and spectral instrument development level and production technology, enhance "alliance" scientific instruments manufacturing enterprise competitiveness, topics such as the two consecutive days, a spirited discussion.
    It is reported, attend symposium representatives, or experts basically is "alliance" within the chromatography (gas chromatography, liquid chromatography) and spectra (atoms/uv spectrophotometer) technology in the field of unit of member of main leadership or technical director. Ministry of six ministries and commissions such as union advance team leader LiXinNan priests and soup prosperous director to league investigation, and listened to the league's work report and discussion of Yangtze river delta, scientific instruments industry technology innovation strategy couplet unite committed to the development of domestic scientific instruments and enhance core competitiveness said positive.

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